Camping Tips For First Timers

Camping Tips For First Timers

Going on a camping trip for the first time can be an exciting prospect. Especially with the children, but there comes a time beforehand when you need to get all the camping supplies you need to enjoy the trip. And this is the stressful part.

In the article, I will list many tips that I hope you find helpful when going on a camping trip for the first time.

The first base you will want to cover is the overnight stay. It would not be camping if you didn’t stay overnight at your destination.

When you go on an overnight trip for the first time, start with the overnight itself:

  1. To make your trip comfortable, bring warm clothes with you.
  2. There is always a great appetite outdoors, so bring plenty of food with you.
  3. If you are afraid to take risks, settle down not far from home (if you live in the center of a metropolis, this option will not help)
  4. To ensure the best possible vacation experience, postpone your check-out if the weather is going to, turn bad.
  5. Make a good impression of yourself, do not throw garbage or burn fires in the wrong places.

Basic camping gear

Camping is a secluded getaway with no amenities, so keep in mind that you won’t have electricity, shower, stove, or even a closet. In a developed campground, you will have running water and a shared toilet a few dozen meters away, as well as a table, parking space, and a place to set up a tent.

You can reduce your vacation expenses by renting the most expensive equipment – tents, sleeping bags, and mats. It’s better than buying expensive equipment and then being disappointed in this type of vacation. That said, if you’re ready to invest in quality outdoor recreation, here are some tips to help you decide what to buy:

  • Tent: If your budget allows, it is better to get a larger tent: a three-person tent will comfortably accommodate a couple, and a family of four will feel great in a six-person tent. If you want to change comfortably, choose a tent with a high ceiling height. The tambour is handy for storing shoes and other things; two doors in the tent will help not wake up sleeping comrades during night outings. You can read even more about the choice of tents in our article “How to choose a tent for camping.
empty camping tent with white background

Tip: Assemble your tent at home. Remember to choose the right mat for the size of your tent. If the mat is smaller than the base of the tent, it will not completely protect the bottom, and on the contrary, too large a mat can accumulate rainwater and lead it under the tent.

  • Sleeping bag: When choosing a sleeping bag, first of all, you should pay attention to the temperature regime. If you plan to go on vacation only in dry summer weather, then you can easily get by with a summer sleeping bag, but a three-season sleeping bag will give you many more options in unpredictable weather. If you are constantly cold or, on the contrary, hot, choose a sleeping bag for yourself with the optimal comfortable temperature. And do not think that in a super – cozy sleeping bag such as a cocoon or a mummy you will be comfortable. Pay your attention to the sleeping bag – a blanket, it is much more spacious than the above sleeping bags and is more comfortable. To learn more about choosing a sleeping bag read our articleHow to find a sleeping bag.
  • Camping Mat: Good Camping Mat is like a mattress on a bed, but it also has high-tech insulation to prevent heat loss on the cold ground. Large inflatable mattresses used in a domestic environment will not work for this purpose, since they do not have the necessary insulation, and most likely you will freeze on them. When choosing a Camping Mat, pay attention to the material from which it is made, as well as the characteristics of the length and width. 

Tip: Set up a tent and arrange a sleeping place immediately upon arrival. I’ll tell you from experience there is nothing worse than trying to set up a new tent in the dark. Trust me!

  • Lighting: As a rule, even in the best camping sites, lighting is not provided, so take care of this when going on vacation. It’s nice to have a flashlight, but a camping lamp will help free your hands and give you much more light than a regular flashlight.
  • Stove: The classic two-burner portable propane stove will perfectly cope with the task of cooking. It is better to fill the cylinder with gas in advance and check the performance at home.
  • Refrigerator: You may already have one. If you do, try to make sure there is enough room for perishable food and also check for temperature accumulators (ice packs). You may need to freeze a couple of water bottles ahead of time to keep the food better.
  • Utensils: Before leaving, have all the utensils you may need to prepare for your camping trip. You can of course get by with the utensils that you find in the kitchen. But it is still much more comfortable if you have special utensils for camping. Also, if you don’t plan on taking dirty dishes home, you may need a dish scrubber, biodegradable soap, a towel, and a small dishwashing bowl (or two, one for clean dishes, one for dirty).

Tip: Pack all your camping utensils in a large transparent plastic box with a lid. It’s easy to store at home and will have everything close at hand the next time you go on vacation.

  • Furniture: Camp furniture is optional if your camping site includes a gazebo and table, but it is much more enjoyable to have a fishing chair or chair with you.

Tip: Chairs and chairs with a mesh allow water to drain easily and dry quickly after rain or morning dew.

What clothes do you need for camping

On any trip to nature, there is always the opportunity to get dirty, so for rest, choose clothes in dark, earthy shades. When choosing clothes for camping, give your preference to models made of synthetic fibers, as wet cotton is a poor helper in keeping warm. Bring a warm jacket, as well as thermal underwear, gloves, a hat, and warm socks, also, in case of rain, take a raincoat or a waterproof jacket. Also, pack an extra pair of sturdy boots and flip-flops or sandals for free movement around the camp. 

Hygiene products

On any trip, you will need a first aid kit and hygiene items. The first aid kit must be collected based on the number of people, as well as depending on your diseases. Always be prepared for sun and insect attacks by bringing sunscreen and repellent with you. Also, be sure to include biodegradable soap, a small towel, and toilet paper. Don’t forget to take hand sanitizer with you.

Camping meal planning

If you’re an experienced chef, then you shouldn’t have any problems planning your camping menu. But not all of us are chefs. For ordinary people, making a basic meal plan is an integral part of preparing for a camping trip. Think about what you will eat upon arrival at the parking lot, in the evening, as well as before leaving. It is best to take extra snacks and water to the car to refresh yourself. This is especially true if you are traveling with children.

For a staple meal, you may want to consider canned or freeze-dried options. Bring fresh vegetables and fruits with you. Don’t forget drinks, tea or coffee. 

Tip: Do not leave trash behind, carefully put all trash in bags, there are always containers for collecting garbage at the exit from the nature park. In some cases, you may even be given a cash reward for the garbage you collect.

Search for campsites

Camping means camping in nature, so the choice of a camping site comes primarily from your preferences. If you are lovers of secluded relaxation with minimal amenities, then all the territories, of the national parks, are at your complete disposal. You can set up your tent in any place you like. Whether it’s a riverbank or a mountain peak.

If you are looking for maximum comfort at the campsite, pay your attention to the specially designated camping sites. There you will have to pay a certain amount for renting a place, but you will have a source of clean drinking water, a protected area, and some other amenities. 

I hope you found this article helpful and enjoy your camping trip. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting back to basics and experiencing the beauty that nature beholds. A little break from the daily hustles of life can make a world of difference.

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