Is Fishing Good For You?

Is Fishing Good For You?

To diversify his leisure time, man has come up with a huge amount of entertainment. Among them there are well-known ones that conquered a lot of people, there are also exotic ones, which are carried away by a few. Fishing, perhaps, is one of the most widespread hobbies, especially popular among the male population.

Aside from the fact that fishing itself is a fascinating pastime, the health benefits of it are invaluable. From the point of view of modern medicine, fishing is an excellent tool that has a positive effect on the entire human body.

The beneficial effect of fishing on the cardiovascular and respiratory system is well known: even a simple stay near a reservoir reduces the number of heart contractions, reduces the pulse rate, normalizes blood pressure, and evens breathing.

At the same time, the oxygen saturation of the body increases by 15 percent, which in conditions of urban gas pollution can only be dreamed of.

Fishing is a kind of sport, comparable in effect on the body to playing towns. When casting a fishing rod or spinning rod, various muscle groups are harmoniously involved: the muscles of the arms and legs, the muscles of the abdomen and back. Thus, the fishermen, without noticing it, receive significant physical activity, keeping the whole body in good shape. The most active fishermen are spinners. To catch a predator, you need to actively move, constantly change the place of fishing, and often throw the bait.

Gambling fishermen in one day can cover more than a dozen kilometers in search of pike, zander, perch, or other predators.

It should be noted, how good fishing is for the eyes.

For townspeople who spend most of their day in offices in front of computer monitors, and the evening sitting in front of TV screens, the water surface of a river or lake is an excellent relaxing tool for the eyes. When observing the float, the fisherman’s gaze moves from one place to another, which simultaneously relieves stress and trains the eye muscles.

It is also unquestionable that fishing is an excellent antidepressant, relieving fatigue, and stress, which are indispensable attributes of busy city life.

Most amateur fishermen go to the reservoirs not so much to catch fish, but to simply rest, relax, admire the beauty of the surrounding nature, and sit in silence.

Unhurried waves running onto the shore measured swaying of the float, cheerful bird chirping, clean air pacify, give a surge of strength and energy for a whole week.

Another weekend soon? Take fishing rods, donks, spinning rods, stock up on a variety of baits and good food, go fishing. Have wonderful weather! And, of course, no tail, no scales!

The benefits of fishing

Many people take fishing as a hobby. However, this exciting activity, widespread throughout the world, has great benefits for human health. The fact is that fishing contributes to finding a person for a long time in nature. Some diseases of the respiratory system can be quickly cured only near a body of water. Here active rest will be successfully combined with a pleasant pastime.

Fishing equipment will not affect the quality of enjoying nature. Therefore, you can take with you an ordinary fishing rod with a float, instead of a fancy spinning rod with expensive bait.

Medical confirmation

Every experienced doctor confidently claims that fishing is beneficial for each of the body systems separately. So, human immunity increases due to being in the fresh air, and if we consider the work of the heart during fishing, then we can say about a decrease in the frequency of its beats per minute.

At the same time, the pulse rate decreases, and the same happens with breathing. Exhalation and inhalation become deep, so the lungs are ventilated much better. Urban residents are shown to travel as often as possible away from their main place of residence. After all, polluted air negatively affects the entire body.

Also, a person walks along the shore of a reservoir when he expects to catch a fish. This exercise makes all major muscle groups work. Hand movements and squats are also part of a person’s moderate physical activity, which does not harm the elderly and those in rehabilitation from severe injuries.

Some fishing enthusiasts choose to use the boat for the hobby in question. Fishermen swim to the middle of the river, in search of a good place, and do not even suspect that they are rowing, strengthening the heart. However, people with spinning rods are considered the most active, because they periodically throw the bait with specific hand movements.

They also change their fishing spot often, moving along the coast. Once, during a similar fishing method, it was found that a person covered a distance of about 20 kilometers.

The psychological factor of fishing

It should be emphasized that fishing has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and makes a person forget about everyday difficulties and worries, sending them to the natural world. From the frantic pace of life, it is necessary to periodically rest, going to the river bank with a fishing rod and other devices.

Even purchasing various fishing tackles, a person is already distracted and tuned in to his hobby.

Most fishing enthusiasts choose the same brand for themselves. Therefore, there is also a distracting moment in everyday life.

And getting into the natural environment, a person begins to breathe correctly with a full chest, getting rid of strong stress after the bustle of the city. Besides, the sounds of nature contribute to the restoration of lost strength, since modern people have moved away from everything natural. The noise of transport or construction work will not bother you while fishing.

Healthy rest

Even after spending just one-day fishing, you can gain strength and energy for a whole working week in the office or at work. This kind of rest is compared to a relaxing procedure that sets you up for completely new thoughts. After all, blood begins to circulate throughout the body without any stagnation the next day after fishing.

The benefits of fishing, what benefits does fishing bring us? Fishing as a useful hobby

Fishing is something that has always attracted me, but here the whole point is not entirely in the caught catch. Here are some of the reasons why fishing is beneficial for you, some of us have not even thought about it.

Relaxation / Stress Relief

Life can be so hectic! We all have many problems with work and family life, which often keep us on our toes. The ability to relieve stress and relax always helps and improves our lives in all aspects.

 Fishing just has the property of relaxation. I can feel the most relaxed and calm, being on the water.

After a busy week, it helps a lot to get ready to go to nature, to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, to listen to the sounds of nature, to be focused on only one thing, fishing.

Stress can be detrimental to your health, spending time doing what you love can benefit your body. Fishing is extremely therapeutic, so if given the chance, don’t miss it.

Physical activity when fishing

Most people have an idea of ​​fishing as a passive pastime and will never compare it with outdoor activities, jogging, sports games that affect physical development. But let me disagree because it’s not so simple. In practice, everything is much more difficult than just sitting down and catching.

In search of the ideal fishing spot, you can cover long distances that a car or other vehicle cannot reach. Do not forget that you will be armed with not a small amount of gear and other related items necessary for a good rest, in particular fishing.

Also, with different types of fishing, a large number of muscles, arms, and legs are involved.

Swings, casts, sweeps, postings, not to mention the fight against trophy specimens of fish, which often strongly resist and exhaust the angler, so

you can get a full-fledged workout comparable to visiting a gym.

Communication and building relationships

Spending time fishing should not leave people close to you aside. Seeing interest in your favorite business, you should try to get a like-minded person. Strong family or friendships can be formed through a mutual love for something.

It provides an opportunity to learn, gain experience, have fun, and create a foundation of fond memories with the people you love. Perhaps this is exactly what you need to strive for in life. Fishing helps to find common interests.

When teaching all the subtleties and tricks, an active discussion arises, discussing different situations, the interlocutor himself becomes more open without noticing it, and communication, as you know, brings people together.


Fishing is also a time, but here the matter is all what benefit we will bring to ourselves, having spent the same time, doing other types of recreation. Time on a fishing trip can help you get away from everything, be alone with yourself, make out the thoughts in your head.

Now we increasingly understand the value of free time, household chores, family responsibilities, which often require a lot of attention. Fishing is an example of exactly what can combine family and favorite hobbies. An option where the whole family will spend time together, allowing them to enjoy their vacation.

You, plenty of fishing, the rest of the family, learn something new or at least relax in nature. So fishing is not a waste of time, the teacher is to combine well with users.

Survival skills or life lessons

There are many things you can learn in fishing that will help you in other areas of your life. Learning and applying different types of fishing and fishing styles, mastering different types of rods, actually increase agility and reaction. Fishing can challenge you. When I tried to fly fish, I immediately fell in love with this style.

 Yes, it’s really difficult! Having tried for the first time, there is a desire to improve, to make clearer casts, graceful sweeps. Fishing has helped me become more patient and persistent, skills that I can apply in different life situations. Fishing is not always successful, with a large catch.

Without catching a single fish, fishing teaches perseverance and patience, which in everyday life is one of the most essential qualities of a person’s character. Fishing is one of the first trades in the conditions of survival. It is very important to know where to find a source of food.

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