Should Learn To Ski Or Snowboard?

Should Learn To Ski Or Snowboard?

Alpine Skiing VS Snowboard: What to Choose?

On almost all slopes, where the tracks and interests of skiers and snowboarders intersect, you will hear dissatisfied remarks from both. Although, probably, the time has come when their eternal confrontation will be over. 

Today you can see how they race together along the steep corridors off the track, looking for untouched snow on virgin slopes, jumping from jumps and rocks. Those who could not come to a compromise and still irreconcilably prove the superiority of this, or that sport, can choose special snowboard or ski parks.

Novice athletes do not understand the essence of this dispute, because both of these sports are becoming more and more popular every year. Today, in ski resorts, you can more and more often find cool station wagons that ride confidently, enjoy both skiing and snowboarding. After all, when you’re in a world of speed, snow, and mountains, does it matter what kind of system you have on your feet?

If you have not yet decided for yourself which of the extreme sports to choose, skiing or snowboarding, we offer a small comparison of their advantages and disadvantages.

Alpine skiing vs snowboarding: nuances

Professional coaches say that it is much easier for beginners to learn how to snowboard – you can confidently go down a small mountain in a week, however, first, you have to learn how to stand on the board and roll a lot in the snow. The very process of boarding is not as exciting as downhill skiing, because on a snowboard the legs are “tied” together, so the movements are significantly limited. This nuance can become especially unpleasant on gentle slopes, on a lift, you will need to unfasten the fasteners all the time to move.

The age-old question: is skiing or snowboarding harder?

Alpine skiing is much more difficult to master. To become one of those lucky ones who confidently rush along steep slopes, you will have to master the basics for at least a whole season. But then you will have huge opportunities for self-improvement – you can now improve your skill level, master more and more new tricks every year. And you can start skiing at any age – at four years old and sixty years old.

If you want to ride with your children

Some coaches advise you to start teaching the child alpine skiing so that he is not afraid of the slope, and after that, you can start mastering snowboarding. It is usually recommended to put children on skis from four to five years old, and you should not master the board earlier than six or seven years old: at this age, the child’s coordination of movements is already sufficiently developed, he will be able to quite confidently balance and control the board.

A child can be put on skis from four to five years old, on a board from six to seven years

If you don’t have much time to learn

Already in the first lesson, the skier will usually be able to somehow go, the snowboarder on the first day on the slope will have fun in the following way “got up-fell-again got up-fell again”. So if you are just planning to have a good and fun time with friends at the resort and are not going to ski after the trip, do not hesitate – choose skis.

Fun company, competition with friends is the best way to learn to skate well

If you love extreme sports and dream of conquering the mountain slopes, then the situation is changing. Trainers claim that a beginner snowboarder will ride confidently in about a week, while a skier takes about three weeks to get to the next level. Observations, of course, are very generalized: you may have both an incredible talent for mastering, for example, skiing, and difficulties along the way.

Are you afraid of injury? It is important to choose a good defense … and a coach

Snowboarding or downhill skiing are traumatic sports, so it is very important to take good care of your equipment. Special protective shorts with plastic inserts and a helmet make life much easier for snowboarders when falling on their backs, protecting the tailbone, elbows, and head from injury. 

When falling forward, wrists and knees usually suffer, do not forget to protect them from impact. Protection saves skiers less, but they fall less often than snowboarders: you can always slow down or fall on your side. The knees are most vulnerable, especially when the leg is twisted. But you shouldn’t be afraid of injuries – you can get them even in the city, just by slipping on the road.

If you are just starting to learn skiing or boarding, do not neglect the services of instructors. Classes with a ski or snowboard coach will significantly shorten the training time and help avoid injuries. The advice of an experienced specialist will bring more benefits than trying to independently master almost one or another element. 

Your progress will accelerate if you ride in good company, just having fun, especially with those who can ride better than you. Laughter, competitions, descents for more experienced comrades cost a lot – you will not even notice how you will become an experienced athlete.

As for the cost of classes with an individual trainer, the price offers are very diverse, but some clubs offer Discount Packages or Weekday Discounts. Taking advantage of such offers, you can save a lot, and it’s not always necessary to buy your equipment as you rent skiing gear.

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